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Welcome to Krusik batteries, we are specialist manufacturers of Ni-Cd batteries based in Serbia. Our shares are quoted on the Belgrade Stock Exchange. Our production program is based on the well known pocket plate technology which is used in a broad range of transport and stationary application worldwide.

We are able to offer complete packages of custom-manufactured batteries from a large range of proprietary designs. We recognize that every application has unique performance criteria, size requirements and individual customer specifications so our engineering, sales and manufacturing units cooperate closely to produce reliable, high quality batteries that are entirely consistent with your needs.

Further details about our company and products are available in this website. We look forward to hearing from you.

Top quality products


Krušik Akumulatori has the following certificates:

ISO 9001/2008;
ISO 14001 /2004

and type product certificate

IEC EN 60623 2001.

Ag-Zn batteries


Ag-Zn (Silver-Zink) batteries are used in a wide range of applications for powering electronic and electrical systems on aircrafts, helicopters, submarines, torpedoes, rockets, as well as for aircraft engines starting on Russian origin military aircraft. Krušik Akumulatori manufactures Ag-Zn (silver zink) battery 15-ASC-K-45 used on the MiG combat aircraft range (MiG-21, 23, 25, 29 and 31). Read more

Ni-Cd pocket plate batteries

Ni-Cd batteries

Krušik Akumulatori offers Ni-Cd (Nickel-Cadmium) pocket plate batteries used in a wide range of applications and operating conditions. With the variation in electrode design that satisfies different discharge regimes, Krušik Akumulatori batteries are classified into three types: KPL, KPM and KPH. The Ni-Cd batteries are manufactured in polypropylene single cell casings or in stainless steel casings, as an option, depending on the specific customers’ requirements. The batteries conform to the international IEC 60623 standard. Read more